The top reasons why meal plans help you to eat healthier

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Do you ever find yourself struggling to stay healthy and on-track with your fitness goals?
It takes a lot of discipline and motivation to keep up a strict diet combined with regular visits to the gym, so it’s easy to fall off the wagon and be tempted by unhealthy food choices — it happens to the best of us!
How about you worry about getting the most out of your gym sessions, and let us worry about getting you easy, nutritious meals that work in partnership with your workouts to get you fitter and healthier than ever?
At Fit Kitchen you can pick up one of our 1-Day Healthy Packages, or get it delivered right to your door of office. The package includes pre-made breakfast, lunch, dinner, shake and snack to keep you feeling full and healthy throughout the day—all for just £30.
If you need a little bit more convincing, here are some of the main reasons why getting a meal plan created for you — and sticking to it — will help you to get healthier in no time.
Portion control
Do you know what the ideal portion sizes you should be eating are? Most people don’t! This normally leads to under- or over-eating, which can totally ruin all of the progress that you’re making at the gym.
With a meal plan, you’ll have the proper measurements already prepared for all your ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about how much pasta to boil, or how much veg to add to your meal — it’s all sorted for you.
You’re getting the perfect portion for your needs, so it’s one less thing to worry about.
Healthy alternatives, picked by experts
Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring, which you’ll quickly see on one of the Fit Kitchen meal plans.
Our plans are full of nutritious meals that have an exciting variety of foods to keep you feeling motivated to stick to your healthy eating goals.
You won’t be eating the same old boring chicken and veg every night, we promise!
No temptation to snack on unhealthy food
When you fill your body with healthy and satisfying foods, there will be no temptation to stray from your diet and snack on unhealthy foods throughout the day.
With our meal plans you’ll be feeling full so you’ll never have the urge to head to the snack drawer in the middle of your day.
If you do get peckish, don’t worry because we’ll also recommend some great snacks that you can eat, guilt-free.

Amar Lodhia

Amar Lodhia

About Fit Kitchen

Fit Kitchen was founded in 2015 by aesthetic bodybuilder and athlete Amar Lodhia, who as a former CEO of a national charity and an entrepreneur with a very busy life faced the problem of eating in line with his training goals.

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