The easiest ways to cut down on the time you spend preparing meals

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Do you find that you spend so much of your time planning and preparing your meals, so much so that you end up not enjoying them as much?
Whether you’ve had a long day at the office, or are coming back from an intense workout at the gym, the last thing you want to do is to come home and have to decide what to eat and prepare it.
Most of the time, by doing this you’ll end up making something easy and unhealthy to satisfy your hunger, which won’t be helping you to hit your training goals.
In this article, we’ll be sharing some of our top tips and tricks on how you can cut down on the time that you spend preparing your meals, while still enjoying satisfying and nourishing dishes.
Request a meal plan from a professional
Trying to come up with new and exciting meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be difficult when we’re busy so most of us will just stick with the same few meals in rotation which can get super boring.
It can also make unhealthy food more tempting, which can quickly lead you off track when it comes to your training goals.
By requesting a meal plan from a professional, you’ll not only get a plan for a range of exciting and healthy meals that you wouldn’t have thought of yourself, but you’ll no longer have to spend your time coming up with new recipe ideas.
Once you get a meal plan, all you need to do is take the recipes to the supermarket and get everything you need—it couldn’t be easier!
Prep your meals in advance
If you have a few spare hours on the weekend, you could use them to prep all of your meals for the week in advance.
It may take a bit of time to prep, but think of all the time you will save in the mornings and evenings when all you have to do is heat your food up! Simply cook your meals as you normally would and store them in tupperware containers in your fridge ready for each day.
This is one of our favourite things to do, not only does it cut down on the time you spend preparing meals, but it also stops us from getting tempted by takeaways or convenience foods.
Prep your produce as soon as you get back from the supermarket
Washing and chopping up vegetables can be one of the most time-consuming parts of cooking a meal, so we recommend chopping up all of your produce as soon as you get home from the supermarket and keeping them in tupperware containers until you need them.
Doing this will mean that next time you come to cook your meal, your vegetables are all ready to go and can be thrown straight into the pan.
Experiment with kitchen tools
You always need the right kitchen tools and equipment in order to make delicious meals, but apart from the basics you can also find tools that make cooking a far simpler process.
For example, these herb scissors that make cutting up herbs super simple, or this vegetable dicer which takes all of the hassle out of dicing up your ingredients.
All of these tools are great examples of kitchen hacks that will significantly cut down on the amount of time you spend preparing your meals.
Cook your meals in bulk
Like meal prepping, you can also cook your meals in bulk and keep them in the fridge/freezer until you want to eat them again.
Making spaghetti bolognese? Why not add more sauce and pasta than you normally would, enough for a few extra servings, which you can freeze and reheat whenever you want it again.
When you have healthy, delicious meals already cooked for you in the freezer, you’re far more likely to eat these than get unhealthy takeaway food, or eat something convenient that’s not very nutritious.
You can also freeze large batches of sauce that you can use in a variety of dishes when you need to.
Multi-use ingredients
Our final tip is to try and stick to meals and ingredients that can easily be repurposed into different meals.
For example, if one night you make grilled chicken and roasted vegetables for your dinner, you could easily turn this into tacos the next night. Or if you’ve got a bag of quinoa, this could be used as a side for a meal one day, used in a salad the next, and used in a hearty soup on the third day.
Rather than planning for meals with ingredients that you won’t use again, deciding on meals that have a similar base of ingredients will keep your food costs down and make it far easier when it comes to preparing your meals.
How do you like to cut down on the time you spend preparing your meals? Let us know in the comments!
Also, if you try any of the tips that we mentioned in this article, let us know how they worked for you and if they were able to make your life a little easier!

Amar Lodhia

Amar Lodhia

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Fit Kitchen was founded in 2015 by aesthetic bodybuilder and athlete Amar Lodhia, who as a former CEO of a national charity and an entrepreneur with a very busy life faced the problem of eating in line with his training goals.

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