Meal Planning Service

Have you ever thought what it would be like to know exactly which items on our menu you should eat in line with your health and lifestyle goals?

Or to have the exact macro specific (to your needs) Fit Kitchen meals delivered to your door on the days you don't have time to prep?

The wait is over! Our Meal Planning Service is run by our Nutrition and Healthy Living Expert, Anderson Alves De Araujo.

For just £50 you will get 2 options for all your breakfast, lunch and dinner from our menu that meet your macros.

Hey There! My name is Anderson Alves I’m a Personal Training and Online Coach working with people from all over the world to reach their goals whatever it looks like focusing on healthy, realistic and sustainable results. How important it is to have an individualised plan sketched to fit perfectly into your routine in addition to meeting your nutritional needs. Here’s where my work with FitKitchen and you begin.

Teaming up with me, you can expect tailored assessments and programmes to guide you. I’ve plenty of professional expertise in weight management, strength training, body composition, movement health and functional training.

Sometimes the daily routine can really throw you off balance and before you realize it, you’ve not been eating healthy and exercising for months, and don’t feel like yourself. By that point, it can be a real challenge to get back into a healthy routine and start feeling like the old you. FitKitchen and I have the skill to help you and make it easier!